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Устойчивые выражения в английском языке: Matching exercise

What word do you need to complete the sentence?

1. He electrified the packed ______ with his presentation.

2. He is the boss. He exerts absolute ______ .

3. If there is a risk of pollution, I think we need to inform the proper ______ .

4. I think we need to adopt a firm ______ in these negotiations.

5. I’m afraid I’ve developed a deep ______ to this topic.

6. He was presented with a Freddy, the highest ______ you can receive in our profession.

7. What we need to do is to raise consumer ______ of our product.

8. She has done well to get to her present job. She comes from a deprived ______ .

9. I only have a rough idea of the problem. Perhaps you could sketch in the ______ ?

10. You probably don’t know very much about him. He’s the sort of person that prefers to keep to the ______ .

11. We need to maintain the delicate ______ between the need for quality and the need for quantity.

12. I thought he would do well as my successor but he fumbled the ______ .

13. I think that this new development casts doubt on the ______ of this document. It may be a forgery.

14. He was elected in a secret ______ .

15. They have announced an immediate ______ on the import of British beef.

16. He is a recognised expert, a renowned ______ on this subject.

17. My son would like to get a job with a merchant ______ in the City of London.

18. You certainly drive a hard ______ . You’re a very tough negotiator.

19. We have to try to break down the cultural ______ and get people to try Japanese sushi.

20. We’ve got too far away from our key goals. We need to get back to ______ .