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Up-to-date methods of teaching

Up-to-date methods of teaching

What differs us from alike schools is that we perform the process of teaching you the language by means of practice. This practical and communicative approach has been proved by years of happy students who gained their main goals in language studies and successfully passed international language tests. We attract all supplementary resources to support our students’ motivation at a high level and make the process of education bright and truly involving.

A team of professionals

A team of professionals

Our greatest strengths are highly experienced teachers and the professionalism you’ll be treated with from the very first time you contact us. Our teachers are attentive to each student personally offering regular revisions and diagnostic and intermediate tests. Our academic team sticks to the principles of individual approach making each lesson a bright event that is specially designed to help you achieve any ambitious goals in your studies.

Quality guarantees and control

Quality guarantees and control

One of the prime principles of work for us is a strict control of quality education. Glory School has an official state license for teaching and the teachers go through regular professional tests and prove their qualification. It helps us to maintain a good reputation and stay up to the highest standards. We are proud of meeting the most ambitious expectations and provide our students with a quality educational service.


Zhanna Ogurkovа

Graduated from Leningrad State University, English and French faculty.
Has been working for Glory School since 2009.
“The most important in teaching for me personally is a good structure, logics of all the steps we go through with the students. I like to bring lots of fun to my lessons as well: games, talk shows, role plays, competitions and even language marathons.”

Nataly Murphy

A native speaker teacher of English from the USA.
Graduated from Webster University St. Louis, Missouri (USA), English, Anthropology & Philosophy. Certificate of Teaching English as a foreign language.
Has been working for Glory School since 2012.
“My students help me discover more curious things about Russian mentality and I try to do my best adopting each lesson for their individual needs.”

Irina Shelestova

Graduated from State University in Pushkin, the faculty of foreign philology. Recently has been successfully qualified as a teacher of English.
Has been working for Glory School since 2013.
“Each student in a group needs maximum attention from the teacher – I stick to this principle in my work which is the beginning of all success in teaching. In my opinion, the progress of each individual learner should be measured and compared only with his own results at different stages of education.”

Arina Golubeva

Graduated from Leningrad State University, the faculty of foreign languages.
Has been working for Glory School since 2017.
“I’m fond of creative approach when preparing and structuring my lessons, that’s so wonderful when it’s possible to make a lesson bright, full of music, games, various activities that help my students express themselves and show better results in studing.”

Anastasia Mishina

A qualified teacher of English. Graduated from Pedagogical Gertsen University, successfully proved CPE certificate.
Has been working for Glory School since 2014.
“When it comes to working out better methods and improving the system of education I see the solution in individual approach in teaching English, we need to use more interesting materials, support students’ motivation at a high level and all those factors together lead to a success.’

Christina Novolodskaya

A qualified teacher of English. Graduated from Pedagogical Gertsen University, the faculty of applied linguistics.
Has been working for Glory School since 2015.
“I do enjoy working with people, I find it so inspiring when together we discover and explore the wonderful world around us by means of the foreign language.”

Donald Willburn

A native speaker teacher from the USA. The University of Texas at Austin (USA), English and Literature. Certification in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA).
Has been working for Glory School since 2011.
“When students are interested in something and can connect it to their lives they are more highly motivated and learn at a better rate.”

Natalia Panova

A qualified teacher of English. Graduated from Pedagogical Gertsen University, the faculty of applied linguistics.
Has been working for Glory School since 2016.
“The main focus is always on the students, their needs and their progress form following steps in choosing the right material for the lesson.”

Vladimir Budkov

Graduated from Saint Petersburg State University, the faculty of foreign languages.
Has been working for Glory School since 2016.
“I see my main target as a teacher not only in explaining things at the lesson or correcting mistakes, a good teacher must show the students effective ways how they can study on their own for the future, how the process of education is organized and how to make progress studying at home.”

Olga Kuznetsova

Graduated from the Northern Arctic Federal University, Faculty of Foreign Languages.
Has been working in Glory School since 2017.
"My main task is to arouse students' interest in the language and inspire them to work independently. The immersion in the culture of the language as well as the regular practice are the key to the success."

Anna Danileyko

A qualified teacher of English. Graduated from Leningrad State University.
Has been working for Glory School since 2018.
“English classes are always a good fun for me though with a deep level of language analyses. To make it even more effective and enjoyable I am choosing a dilemma to distract students attention from mistakes to a real talk.”

Elena Antiptseva

Graduated from Siberian Federal University, Faculty of Philology and Language Communication.
Has been working in Glory School since 2017.
"The most important thing for me is an individual approach to each student based on an analysis of personal interests and preferences. And I try to make each lesson as interesting, useful and productive as possible."


We have prepared for you an online tour around our new office in Bolshaya Morskaya and a presentation of our academic team.

Students' Reviews

Yevgenia Penchukova
English studies
« The course was really thrilling with lots of fun
The course was really thrilling with lots of fun, challenges, competitions and language marathons. Starkova Natalia is a wonderful teacher and I would like to thank her for her creativity and energy. She helped me so much be a more productive language learner so I’m thinking of enrolling on the next course as soon as possible. I really miss my studies at Glory School.
Svetlana Dvoryanchikova
English studies
« Thank you so much for knowledge
In general I really enjoyed the course of French. I was amazed with how much teachers do to prepare for each lesson and you can feel the atmosphere of professionalism in the premises of that school.
I’d like to thank all the team working at Glory School! Thanks a lot for your enthusiasm and great work! I hope for the further successful studies at that school.
Natalia Belova
English studies
« Excellent! Above my expectations!
The methods when learning is done through massive practice are really effective and I was happy with it so much. Also I truly enjoyed the way how grammar was introduced and explained, everything was well-structured and clear but at the same time it wasn’t tiresome. Now lots of difficult things became clear about the English language thanks to the lessons at Glory School.
Svetlana Shcherbakova
English studies
« A real pleasure from the process
All the lessons of the course were given in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere which was manageable to combine with my tough work schedule. As I see it now we’ve done a big deal of a progress and studied a lot of new language material but at the same time I haven’t noticed any stress or pressure which is essential when you work with too much of information. I really enjoyed the course and highly recommend it to all my friends.
Anastasia Morozova
Business English
« I will continue my studies with pleasure
I’m really happy I started learning English at this vary school. All the material was interesting and useful. Our teacher did her best to explain everything so clear and she also organized lots of revisions so we don’t forget new words and grammar. So thanks to our teacher Koslikina Anna, we had a good start at the language and I sincerely hope to continue my studies at Glory School at the next level. Thanks all the team!
Alisa Vinogradova
Business English
« I finally got the job I dreamt of
I’d like to thank all the administration of Glory School and my special thanks to our teacher Ekaterina Kasparovich who helped me so much refresh nd revise all my knowledge of the language after a 10 year pause in practice. After 1,5 months of having English lessons at that school at the level of Pre-Intermediate I started speaking English with no communicative barriers. I also successfully passed a job interview and got the job of my dream! Thank you so much!
Alexander Yakovlev
Prepared for IELTS test
« The teacher is sincerely interested in results
I did the preparation for IELTS and would like to say that the teacher was so much supporting and did his best to bring maximum of helpful information at each lesson and showed a true interest In my regular progress in studies. He even helped me outside the classes, it was our regular practice to discuss the most difficult themes for me on the Internet.
I’m proud with my results at IELTS – 7,5 points.
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