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Glory School Language Centre

Glory School in brief


Years of experience

Learning a foreign language is an unforgettable experience and Glory Language School has been there to guide our students on this path since 2003. Based in the cultural capital of Russia, in St. Petersburg, Glory School inspires and shares the Language, Culture and Soul of this mysterious country.


We constantly grow and develop new strategies of teaching Russian and other languages. Our students are our best advisers and that ensures the finest possible outcome of the Language Course programs. We listen, we evaluate and then, we give our visitors what they want most- experience, knowledge, and most importantly, desire to continue to learn the language. Our courses are developed on the bases of communicative approach, which allows simultaneously absorbing and processing written, spoken and audio data in Russian. We do not divide our lessons according to their purpose (grammar, listening, writing, reading), but present an analytically built system of integrated learning, which makes it possible to go on a comprehensive Language Adventure.


Ability to freely communicate in Russian or other languages is the main gift we offer to our students. What we want our students to know is that we encourage a special teacher-student relationship, where tutor is a friendly advisor with an unfailing insight into the Russian Language. All this and perpetual interaction between students in classroom and outside it increases the extent of exposure to the Language. Such scenario presents even a Beginner with ability to speak after the first lesson, which we are very happy to guarantee.

Effective learning

Having a large number of programs at our disposal provides students with choice and opportunity to tailor their course according to the needs and wants. Whether those are individual or group classes, corporate tuition or on-line lessons, Glory makes sure that our clients get what they are aiming at in the most efficient and convenient manner. We are happy to be the place students come back to from all over the globe, making our Glory family truly international. We put a lot of effort into creating an advanced learning atmosphere for every newcomer, making sure that the process of acquiring Russian and other languages goes as smoothly and as productively as possible!

Cultural adventure

Nevertheless, only combined efforts are the true assurance of the progress. That is why we implement a considerable amount of cultural information into the courses. Thereby students can grasp not only the language, but the way different people think and form their thoughts. Is there a more fascinating approach to the acquiring of new Language? We hope that you will answer that for yourself when you come to witness this vibrant and always friendly city. We will be here with you, always ready to help, inspire and give the joy of learning the language!


We are located in the very heart of Saint-Petersburg near the Palace Square, 5-7 minutes walk from Admiralteyskaya metro station.



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