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General English Course

Breaking up the barriers towards the fluency in speaking

General English Course in groups

Learning English in groups provides our students with a wide range of speaking activities as well as gives them much more opportunities to polish up their communicative skills rather than at individual lessons. Effective communication starts with various opinions on different events, topics and situations. In this way the process of learning becomes a productive collaboration for our students who are offered to get involved into a fascinating process of sharing their views on the most actual and up-to-date topics. Studying English is seen as discussing the world around us rather than cramming a list of boring theoretical grammar rules.

What features the course?

The main target of the course is to form communicative skills of fluency and to learn how to speak by means of the process of speaking itself but not through the sessions of drilling only. Students enrich their vocabulary, study the main principles of building up a phrase, from a short word combination to a more complicated sentence, and at the same lesson they practice all new words solving some modeled problematic situations that are highly likely to deal with in modern days.

The lesson structure is based on a non-stop process of students’ communicative collaboration. These are the tasks on speaking and listening comprehension. Step by step they go through a logical chain of creatively designed tasks, work in pairs and in micro groups, have brainstorm sessions, talk in front of the class presenting their ideas or the solutions. Practical approach in learning helps our students to develop their language competence and successfully get rid of communicative barriers.

Intense Speaking practice

Our General English course is based on intense speaking practice which means that primarily our students develop one of the most initial skills – an ability to speak and understand what others say. In terms of grammar each single lesson structure reflects our students’ need in practice, so in this way English grammar is not regarded as a set of theoretical rules that must be learnt by heart without proper practical application.

We offer our students appropriate to their level grammar structures that will be thoroughly used in all forms of speech at the lesson, such as speaking, listening, reading and some wise amount of time will be devoted to using them in written tasks as well.

In order to organize a more effective lesson our teachers involve a set of additional educative elements such as audio and video equipment, authentic magazines and newspapers which is there for the students to help them immerse into the atmosphere of English speaking environment and create a better condition for thinking in the language, using it for their everyday needs and showing progress in their studies.


The core function of listening in the framework of a language study is to form an ability to pick up key words and phrases, some important information from the fluent speech which makes the first step to general understanding. As soon as it is effectively maintained our students can move on to the next step of listening for specific purposes with an intension to build up a more integrated and deep skill of fluency for the future.

The lesson contents

Besides rich practice in speaking and listening our students build up a linguistic competence in other most major forms of language use: grammar and vocabulary in reading and writing.

  • Grammar is presented by means of studying the language structures and clichés in order to build up a better understanding of the language logics through entire communicative practice.
  • Reading is presented through a set of involving reading tasks that are designed to maintain better reading comprehension and polish up the skills of all forms of reading starting from a general idea of the text and up to a detailed entire concept of whole information.
  • Writing section is mostly targeted on developing a firm skill to correctly design all sorts of correspondence including formal and informal language elements.
  • Watching educational videos specially created by BBC for foreign language learners is an important and often one of the most favorite parts of the lesson for both our students and teachers. This activity creates the atmosphere of a native speaking environment which is essential in improving one’s language skills.

In the course of the lessons our students sit regular tests that help us bring any additional materials in order to get rid of the most often mistakes in language use, they also help to trace the progress and prevent other difficulties in due course.


Zhanna Ogurkovа

Graduated from Leningrad State University, English and French faculty.
Has been working for Glory School since 2009.
“The most important in teaching for me personally is a good structure, logics of all the steps we go through with the students. I like to bring lots of fun to my lessons as well: games, talk shows, role plays, competitions and even language marathons.”

Nataly Murphy

A native speaker teacher of English from the USA.
Graduated from Webster University St. Louis, Missouri (USA), English, Anthropology & Philosophy. Certificate of Teaching English as a foreign language.
Has been working for Glory School since 2012.
“My students help me discover more curious things about Russian mentality and I try to do my best adopting each lesson for their individual needs.”

Irina Shelestova

Graduated from State University in Pushkin, the faculty of foreign philology. Recently has been successfully qualified as a teacher of English.
Has been working for Glory School since 2013.
“Each student in a group needs maximum attention from the teacher – I stick to this principle in my work which is the beginning of all success in teaching. In my opinion, the progress of each individual learner should be measured and compared only with his own results at different stages of education.”

Arina Golubeva

Graduated from Leningrad State University, the faculty of foreign languages.
Has been working for Glory School since 2017.
“I’m fond of creative approach when preparing and structuring my lessons, that’s so wonderful when it’s possible to make a lesson bright, full of music, games, various activities that help my students express themselves and show better results in studing.”

Anastasia Mishina

A qualified teacher of English. Graduated from Pedagogical Gertsen University, successfully proved CPE certificate.
Has been working for Glory School since 2014.
“When it comes to working out better methods and improving the system of education I see the solution in individual approach in teaching English, we need to use more interesting materials, support students’ motivation at a high level and all those factors together lead to a success.’

Christina Novolodskaya

A qualified teacher of English. Graduated from Pedagogical Gertsen University, the faculty of applied linguistics.
Has been working for Glory School since 2015.
“I do enjoy working with people, I find it so inspiring when together we discover and explore the wonderful world around us by means of the foreign language.”

Donald Willburn

A native speaker teacher from the USA. The University of Texas at Austin (USA), English and Literature. Certification in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA).
Has been working for Glory School since 2011.
“When students are interested in something and can connect it to their lives they are more highly motivated and learn at a better rate.”

Natalia Panova

A qualified teacher of English. Graduated from Pedagogical Gertsen University, the faculty of applied linguistics.
Has been working for Glory School since 2016.
“The main focus is always on the students, their needs and their progress form following steps in choosing the right material for the lesson.”

Vladimir Budkov

Graduated from Saint Petersburg State University, the faculty of foreign languages.
Has been working for Glory School since 2016.
“I see my main target as a teacher not only in explaining things at the lesson or correcting mistakes, a good teacher must show the students effective ways how they can study on their own for the future, how the process of education is organized and how to make progress studying at home.”

Olga Kuznetsova

Graduated from the Northern Arctic Federal University, Faculty of Foreign Languages.
Has been working in Glory School since 2017.
"My main task is to arouse students' interest in the language and inspire them to work independently. The immersion in the culture of the language as well as the regular practice are the key to the success."

Anna Danileyko

A qualified teacher of English. Graduated from Leningrad State University.
Has been working for Glory School since 2018.
“English classes are always a good fun for me though with a deep level of language analyses. To make it even more effective and enjoyable I am choosing a dilemma to distract students attention from mistakes to a real talk.”

Elena Antiptseva

Graduated from Siberian Federal University, Faculty of Philology and Language Communication.
Has been working in Glory School since 2017.
"The most important thing for me is an individual approach to each student based on an analysis of personal interests and preferences. And I try to make each lesson as interesting, useful and productive as possible."

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Classes are held in comfortable, modern-equipped classrooms, in an atmosphere of goodwill and coziness

Student books and levels:

The process of education is structured according to the Communicative Method using Speak Out resource which gives a wide field for language practice on all main aspects of speech. All useful language references are included into the course book as well as other helpful links are offered in the contents of the course.

All our programs are based on international standard designed to define the level of language competence. To make it more effective we divide each level into two additional steps, Law and High, which helps our students to practice the language more thorough.

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